What is the price of a polo shirt with embroidery?

It depends which shirt you choose and if the art has to be digitized.  There are many brands, colors and compositions of shirts.  If you have the logo or art that you want embroidered, I must have the file in a .DST format.  If you do not have art, I can have it digitized from a clean photo or picture.

What is the least amount of garments can I order?

As little as one piece.  You may want to think about it as shipping cost is high and it would cost more to ship one piece.  The more that is ordered, the price per piece is lower.

How long will it take to get them back?

Small orders (12 pieces or less can be ready in about 12 working days).  Small rush orders be ready within 5 days after proof approval.  Large orders of 100 pieces or more, turn around will be about 14 working days after proof approval.

How much do you charge for monogramming?

Normally it will run 12.50 for 3 letters.

If I purchase some clothing at a Dept. Store, how much do you charge for embroidery?

It depends on the art work you provide.

Do You Accept Returns?

Items may be returned if we made a mistake.  It will be replaced at no charge.  Be sure you check spelling, sizes and colors.

I will be delighted to discuss your needs and we can select the most economical plan.  I enjoy talking to prospective clients and I am eager to help you.